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Daniel Mattioli

Host, Daniel in the Afternoon

Weekdays, 4PM - 6PM

Meet the MAX Afternoon Show's Daniel Mattioli

Daniel was born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away known as Tampa, Florida. He began his career in radio right here at Hall Communications in 2006 as an intern with one of Max’s sister stations. He bugged the right people as his internship ended, was hired, and has been hanging around doing various tasks around the building ever since. If it needs to get done, Daniel can do it! Outside of work he passes most of his time with music- collecting records, playing drums, and telling people more than they care to know about Bob Dylan. He's also the proud father of 2 cats named Camus and Sagan and a dog named Lou Reed. He also has a wife, Andi, who didn't appreciate his pets being mentioned and not her.

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