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The Viral Video Of The Day

A deepfake is a video where you take one person's face and superimpose it on someone else's body.     And the technology is already advanced enough that you can make them virtually flawless.  At a time when "fake news" is already a huge problem, the consequences of a good deepfake are potentially devastating. That point really got driven home yesterday, when a video went viral of JENNIFER LAWRENCE giving an interview, but with STEVE BUSCEMI's face. As insane as that sounds, the result looks like a human being who actually exists . . . but also a human being who should never, ever exist.

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The Big MAX Morning Show

It’s the Big Max Morning Show with Eric and Mike! Where else can you tune in for a morning full of great music, a lot of laughs and maybe just a smidgen of information? You don’t want to miss the Big Max Morning Show because we’ve got all of your favorite songs and segments! From Secret Code Word to Hangover Headlines and the Random Game of the Week, there’s never a dull moment with the Max crew. Of course, you can join in the ultimate brain challenge that is the Mental Olympics every Wednesday. Hashtag Hannah joins the gang on Thursday and Friday mornings where you can hear her doing her best(or worst) imitations during Hashtag Hannah’s Great Impressions and she’ll tell you what’s going on around central Florida with What’s the Haps with Hannah. And to cap it all off, there’s Mike’s Week in Review every Friday, where Mike gives his slightly twisted take on the current headlines of the moment. Eric is making sure of all your favorite hits from Abba to ZZ Top are being played every day during the Max Morning Music Marathon so don’t be afraid to crank that stereo up! You don’t want to miss a second from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. every weekday morning on the Big Max Morning Show with Eric and Mike!

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Blog Away!

Greetings… I was recently reminded that I have a Blog on this site.  And when I say “reminded” you could

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