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Tag: Clip of the Day

Clip of the Day: Scotty T. Haughty


Eric is being catfished by an ex, but turns the tables when a listener suggests he create his own fake account to get her back!

Clip of the Day: The Lost Diploma Caper!


Mike found a high school diploma on the steps of the studio this morning! So we asked you to help us reunite this precious piece of paper with its rightful owner! Hear the hilarious story unfold and come to it’s dramatic conclusion in today’s Clip of the Day! Check it out!

Clip of the Day: The Super Inn

Super Inn

Mike had a show in Daytona over the weekend, and the club put him up in some really sweet digs! Check out the Clip of the Day to hear the hilarious story!

Clip of the Day: Greatest Baseball Movie of All Time


In honor of MLB’s opening day, Eric and Mike ask: What is the greatest baseball movie of all time? Listen to the “Clip of the Day” to hear the hilarious conversation and weigh in with your own thoughts below!

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