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Tag: Comedy

Interview: Jason Liles for Rampage

Jaosn Liles

Eric and Mike chat with Jason Liles (Death Note, Men in Black III) about his role as George the Gorilla opposite Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the new movie Rampage, in theaters this Friday!

Interview: Michael Imperioli


Eric and Mike chat with Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos, Goodfellas, Alex Inc.) about his career as a actor, writer and director as well as his new book “The Perfume Burns His Eyes”.

Clip of the Day: Greatest Baseball Movie of All Time


In honor of MLB’s opening day, Eric and Mike ask: What is the greatest baseball movie of all time? Listen to the “Clip of the Day” to hear the hilarious conversation and weigh in with your own thoughts below!

Interview: Andy McElfresh


Eric and Mike chat with Andy McElfresh, co-host of the popular “Edumacation” podcast! .  Now the podcast leaps to the printed page in Andy’s new book “The Edumacation Book: Amazing Cocktail Party Science to Impress Your Friends”. Available now!

The After Show, Show: Matching PJs


Do you wear your matching PJs out in public? Find out who LOVES Wal Mart fashion in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: The President Show

The Pres Show

Eric and Mike have another BRILLIANT idea! Listen to today’s podcast to hear all about “The President Show”! (working title)

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