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Tag: Comedy

The After Show, Show: Episode 253

Divers set up a Nativity Scene at the Madrid Zoo Aquarium in the Casa de Campo in Madrid on December 13, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOUPIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOU/AFP/Getty Images

Mike and Hannah talk about all the odd news they weren’t able to touch on during the regular show in today’s podcast! Check it out!

The After Show, Show: Episode 251


This is it! Mike vs. Tim in the first ever “Promo Off” to see who gets to fill the coveted position of Simon’s manager when he takes the ring again in February! CLASSIC!

The After Show, Show: Episode 250


Simon joins the podcast today and the challenge is on to see who will be his next manager when he makes his return to the ring in February!

The After Show, Show: Episode 247

Robert Wagner

Robert Wagner joins the show to discuss his new book “I Loved Her in the Movies”! Hear him describe what it’s like to be known as “Number 2” and how he feels about the allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: Episode 246


If you were forced, would you rather watch a Hallmark Movie marathon, or a NASCAR marathon? That’s the question on today’s podcast! Plus, find out which on-air personality the interns love the most!

The After Show, Show: Episode 245


Have you ever theater hopped? Would you consider that stealing? It’s a Friday edition of the After Show, Show podcast!

The After Show, Show: Episode 244


Did you know there are some people out there who truly believe cobbler is a pie? This is a serious issue facing America and it must addressed! Join the movement in today’s After Show, Show!

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