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Tag: Eric and Mike

The After Show, Show: Episode 153


Wanna hear the 8 signs your woman is cheating on you? Want a full review of Bonnaroo from someone who was actually there!? Then you better check out today’s After Show, Show! Mike invites Nick “the sales guy” and Johnathon “the former intern” to sit in on today’s podcast!

Clip of the Day: Gross Favors


What GROSS thing do you and your significant other do for each other? Hear some awesomely grotesque stories in today’s COD! Hope you have a strong stomach! LOL

The After Show, Show: Episode 152


When are you obligated to go to a funeral? An acquaintance has passed and Mike doesn’t feel he should attend the funeral. Hear the hilarious conversation as the entire cast and crew try to convince him otherwise! Plus, Oregon has legalized roadkill grills, and Daniel “The Theremin” Mattioli joins the show to talk more about drone music, and suck rock! It’s all in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: Episode 150


How many drinks is too many? A British couple is suing an all inclusive resort for giving them stomach cramps and diarrhea after they ate at the resort buffet. However, the resort blames the couples drinking habits for the health issues claiming they consume 109 drinks over their 9 day vacation. Who do you think is to blame? Plus, would you pay to jump off a building? Be part of the conversation in today’s podcast!

Clip of the Day: Genius!


Eric and Mike hilariously hijack Hashtag Hannah’s “Hollywood Highlights” segment in today’s COD! (that’s a lot of H’s) Genius!

The After Show, Show: Episode 148


It’s a full cast and crew in today’s After Show, Show! On today’s agenda: family vacations! How is too old to participate in your family vacation? Also, is it okay to be a fan of team that’s not based in your home state? Join the conversation in today’s podcast!

Clip of the Day: Bathroom Etiquette


Eric had an awkward moment in the men’s room which begs the question: What are the unwritten rules of using a public bathroom? Plus, Mike reveals that he doesn’t ALWAYS wash his hands when he uses the restroom: WTH!? Hear the hilarious details in today’ s COD!

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