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The After Show, Show: Episode 132

No Merchandising. Editorial Use Only. No Book Cover Usage. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Moviestore/REX Shutterstock (1609927a) Roger Moore Film and Television

Roger Moore has passed away. Who do you think was the BEST James Bond? Plus, Eric tries to harness the power of Mike’s handyman skills, and Jessica talks behind the scenes facts of Full House. All on today’s After Show, Show!

Clip of the Day: Public Bathrooms


What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you in a public bathroom? Hear some HILARIOUS stories in today’s Clip of the Day!

The After Show, Show: Episode 131


Nick is back from Rome and Switzerland, and he’s got FASCINATING stories! Plus, wacky stories from around the web, and what TV show are you binge watching right now? Hear some great stories in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: Episode 130

Hairy Armpits

A new survey has revealed that less and less women are shaving their armpits! What do you think about this rising trend? Hear some hilarious commentary in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: Episode 129


Jessica stops by the studio to reveal the next BIG contest for Eric and Mike’s regular program, and Mike isn’t happy about it! Get an inside look and sneak peak at the next big contest on Max 98.3!

Clip of the Day: Mom Getaways


Do new moms deserve a solo weekend getaway or getaway with friends? Hear some HILARIOUS responses in today’s Clip of the Day!

The After Show, Show: Episode 128

overworked mom

Do moms deserve to have a solo weekend getaway or weekend with friends from time to time? If so, how old do the kids need to be before she can sneak off? Hear some great opinions in today’s After Show, Show! Plus, Mike and Jessica discuss the finer point of Netflix’s hit original series, “13 Reasons Why”, and  the big Florida Tropics game is fast approaching!

Clip of the Day: Buddymoons


The latest wedding trend is to invite your friends and family to tag along on the honeymoon. They’re calling it “buddymoon”. Are you all for it or totally against it!? Hear some hilarious opinions in today’s Clip of the Day!

The After Show, Show: Episode 127


A new version of “Name That Tomb” debuts on today’s podcast! Plus, Actress and Author, Meg Tilly, joins the show to talk about her kids, raising her kids, how important her kids are, and taking a break from her career to raise her kids because they are very important to her. Oh, and she plays Brad Pitt’s wife in some movie. But her KIDS! Check it out!

Clip of the Day: Burnt Food/Guilty Food Pleasures


Eric had one of his favorite foods over the weekend, BURNT pizza! What foods do you like just a little on the burnt side? Plus, guilty food pleasures: what’s yours!? Hear some hilarious and TASTY suggestions in today’s Clip of the Day!

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