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Tag: MLB

Clip of the Day: Greatest Baseball Movie of All Time


In honor of MLB’s opening day, Eric and Mike ask: What is the greatest baseball movie of all time? Listen to the “Clip of the Day” to hear the hilarious conversation and weigh in with your own thoughts below!

The After Show, Show: Episode 240


The best way to take a cruise, Mike’s production woes, and the coolest job in the world just may be a professional “ball mudder”. It’s all in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: Episode 213


What hidden skill do you have that not many people know about? Hear what Eric and Mike’s are in today’s episode of The After Show, Show! Plus, are you a REAL Yankees fan? Neither are Eric or Mike, but their intern Victoria says she is so the boys quiz her! Listen to today’s podcast to see how she did!

The After Show, Show: Episode 164


Would you ever agree to be blindfolded when you meet an online hookup for the first time? Someone in England did, and got the surprise of a lifetime! Hear the details of this bizarre story in today’s podcast! Plus, Jessica’s brother is training to become an Umpire. Why? Because umpires make BANK! Get the scoop in the After Show, Show!

The After Show, Show: Episode 102

David Ross

In today’s podcast, David Ross of the World Champion Chicago Cubs joins the show to have Eric fanboy, ahem, ask him hard hitting questions about his role on Dancing with the Stars!

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