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The After Show, Show! Episode 94


Daniel “the afternoon guy” joins Eric and Mike for the podcast today! Learn what a Theramin is, and hear the first ever “Busta Nursery Rhyme”, a brand new bit coming to The BIG Max Morning Show soon! HILARIOUS!

Clip of the Day: Childhood Foods


What is a food you really enjoyed in childhood, but can’t stand to eat now? On the flip side, what did you hate as a child, but LOVE to eat now? Hear some great stories in today’s COD!

The After Show, Show! Episode 91


What is your nerdy guilty pleasure? Find out who loves D&D, who loves animated movies, and who is a HUGE fan of Norman Lear in today’s Podcast!

The After Show, Show! Episode 90

Larry Perez Photography

In today’s podcast, Jessica shares her experience running a large promotion for our sister station! Plus, do you party with your boss? Hear some great stories in today’s After Show, Show!

Clip of the Day: Adult Classes


In today’s COD, Mike gives Hannah a hard time about not knowing how to hang her own curtains. What simple task do you wish they offered adult classes for?

The After Show, Show! Episode 89


In today’s podcast, Chris Kattan of SNL fame calls in to promote his upcoming appearance on Dancing with the Stars! Plus, Mike talks home grown vegetation, and its effects on his digestive system. Great…

Clip of the Day!


In today’s COD, Eric, Mike and Hannah do the Irish Accent Challenge in honor of St. Paddy’s Day! Listen to each of them perform their best Irish accent in a hilarious improv style game, then vote for your favorite on twitter using #IrishAccentChallenge!

The After Show, Show! Episode 88


Who needs Dave Ramsey! Eric and Mike dole out the person finance knowledge of the stars to their young pupil Hannah in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show! Episode 87


In today’s show Eric and Mike discuss a college in Canada that has removed all scales from their fitness facilities because they are “trigger devices that promote body shaming”. What do you think of this? Plus, the wacky world of Florida wildlife!

The After Show, Show! Episode 85


In today’s podcast, Eric and Mike run down the list of great, and no-so-great, 90s bands as well as songs who blatantly ripped off the music of other songs. Plus, do you round off at the pump, and what nickname does your family call you by?

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