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Tag: Week in Review

Clip of the Day: Song in Review


The media always blows things out of proportion, and such is the case with this week’s “big” news story of Melania Trump slapping away President Trump’s hand when he attempted to hold it in public. Hear Mike’s “Song in Review” dedicated to this “breaking news” in today’s Clip of the Day!

Podcast: “Bald and Sexy”


Do women really find bald men more sexy? Find out in today’s podcast! Plus, Mike’s “Week in Review” and “What’s the Haps” sans Hannah!

Podcast: “Hannah’s Last Day!”


It’s Hashtag Hannah’s last day! Mike writes a song for her, and Eric replays one of her most famous moments on the show! Plus, what do you do if someone comes to your door with an offensive costume looking for Halloween Candy?

Podcast: “Give Me My Allowance!”

paydayDo you give your kids an allowance for doing household chores? A new study says that 68% of Americans do, and more than half of those give them more than $100/mo! Eric and Mike say NO WAY! Join the conversation in today’s podcast! Plus, “Mike’s Week in Review” and “What’s the Haps!”

Podcast: “Don’t Look at My Phone!”


If you look at your spouse’s phone and find something questionable, who’s the bigger jerk: your spouse, or you for snooping? Eric and Mike tackle this question in today’s podcast. PLUS, “Mike’s Week in Review” and plan your weekend with “What’s the Haps!?” with Hashtag Hannah!

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