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Grab a golf cart and join us at Tee up for Tatas!

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It’s that time, again! Eric, Mike, and Hannah are taking over the Cleveland Heights Golf Course on Monday, October 1st for the 2nd Annual ‘Tee Up for Tatas’ presented by Low Payment Kings!

Join us for an afternoon, filled with golf Max 98.3-style! Registration includes lunch, a round of golf, dinner, a pretty awesome swag bag, and more! You don’t need to actually play well…. there will be fun for everyone 🙂 Don’t have anyone to play with? No worries! We’ll match you up with other fun Max 98.3 fans. Friends for life, we say!

Click here and scroll down to register!

Jim Gaffigan: One of the Greats!

We got to talk to Jim Gaffigan this morning on our podcast. I have to admit I was a little starstruck. Not only is he arguably one of the best comedians in the biz right now, but before we were married, my wife bought us tickets to his show at the Hard Rock in Orlando as a birthday present. It was an amazing night. We laughed till we cried, and he closed the show out like a rock star playing an old favorite by doing his Hot Pocket bit. You know you’ve reached a whole new level of comedy fame when people are excited to hear you tell a joke they’ve already heard a million times. Just uttering the phrase “Hot Pocket”, Jim had the entire theater roaring with cheers and applause in anticipation of the last few minutes of his set. I say Jim is arguably one of the best comedians in the biz for two reasons: He works clean, and he gets a laugh every 8-10 seconds.

Working clean is one of the hardest things to do as a comedian. Especially in today’s world where everyone is so desensitized to everything. It seems to me nothing is off limits anymore. Comedians like Amy Schumer, Jim Norton and Jeff Ross are very dirty and people love them for it. Plus, it’s really easy to “go blue” when you first start out. I know I did, and still do sometimes. For me it’s just who I am. Cursing is in my vernacular, off the air of course, and my mind goes to dark places sometimes and I always find something humorous there. I do well not to go TOO dark, to the point of offending, but to say I “work clean” would be an outright lie. I’ll leave that to comics like Jim Gaffigan.

I’m posting a clip of one of Jim’s older sets here for you to enjoy. If you don’t believe me about him getting a laugh every 8-10 seconds, watch this clip. Then watch it again while watching the timer at the bottom of the screen. He’s a genius at it. Nearly every line gets a laugh, and it’s non stop for over an hour at every show, which by the way is a NEW hour of material for each tour. To me, this is what REALLY makes him the best. The goal for comics is to get a laugh every 20-30 seconds, and Jim Gaffigan CRUSHES that goal. Watch!


If you’d like to get more information on Jim Gaffigan performing right here in Florida, click here. You can also try out his new JimBot available on Messenger. Just search for Jim Gaffigan and try to send him a message. It’s a fun AI that will interact with you and of course, sell you tickets. LOL

Comedy Show at Iron Oak Post in Melbourne, FL

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I had an awesome time performing at Iron Oak Post in downtown Melbourne over the weekend. I don’t get to perform as often as I’d like with my hectic schedule, and this was a real treat. A big THANK YOU goes out to Shannon Hall and Kailyn Danyelle for booking me at this awesome venue, and to Angelo Cianfrocco, our headliner for the evening! Angelo is a hilarious comedian and great guy. You can get more information on his upcoming shows here. If you’re ever in Melbourne on a Saturday night check out for details on upcoming shows, and for more info on my upcoming shows, please follow me on twitter or facebook! See you at the show!

Winghouse Remote

We had a great time hanging out at the Winghouse on Friday! Big thanks to the entire staff for showing us a good time! If you haven’t heard, you can book your Fantasy Football draft party at Winghouse and get some pretty good stuff for doing it! They not only give you a complete draft kit, but the commissioner of your league gets a free T-shirt, some bounce back coupons, and a pretty sweet trophy for the last place finisher. They also have some great food (the wings were AMAZING!) and awesome happy hour specials: $2 drafts, $3 calls and $3 Jager and Fireball shots from 3pm-7pm Mon-Fri. Be sure to stop in at The Winghouse on S. Florida Ave. in Lakeland! Say hi to the girls, get some great food, grab a cold one, and tell them Mike sent you!

Winghouse Pick

Thursday’s Conversation


On Thursday’s show we opened our phone lines to have a calm, peaceful, adult discussion about what the City of Lakeland should do with the Confederate statue in Munn Park. It all started because of an article in Ledger reported Commissioner Jim Malless has called for an open discussion on the issue. It was really great to have so many calls from people with strong opinions on both side of the issue without any name calling or hate speech. I’m posting a link to the article in the Ledger here as well as a link to our Clip of the Day from Thursday’s show. If you have time, please read and listen. I’d love to hear anything you have to add on the issue. And a HUGE thanks to everyone who called in to the show this morning. It’s important that we talk about these things openly and try to come to a peaceful solution so we can avoid violent incidents like the ones taking place around the country in recent news.


Here’s a link to the article in The Ledger.




And the link to the Clip of the Day.

Guy Creates Pizza Portraits of Celebrities!

Check this guy out! He creates cool portraits of celebrities…on pizzas! My question is: How do you discover you have this talent? What on earth made this guy pick up a paintbrush dip it in marinara and start painting on a pizza dough? Still, pretty cool though.


Click Here!

Is Maternity Leave Fair to People With No Kids?

Eric and I totally ruffled some feathers this morning discussing a book “Meternity” by author, Meghann Foye, where she says that people without kids should get maternity leave to. Which begs the question: Is maternity leave fair to people without kids?

At first I was totally like WTH, but after thinking about it…how many times have you had to cover for someone at work, carrying a double a workload, while they were away on maternity leave? Or have you been chosen to stay late because so-and-so has to take little Johnny to a Dr.’s appointment? Is that really fair to you?

We tried to take a neutral stance on the subject, but it’s hard not to choose a side when you really think about it. Giving birth to a child is hard on the body and the mind. It takes time to not only heal but also to adjust to being the parent of a new born child, especially if this is your first go at it. On the other hand, why should your co-workers have to suffer or take on extra work, because you chose to have children, or failed to properly plan for the care of your child?

This one’s a toughy. In the end, I think everyone got the wrong idea about what we were trying to say, which made for some pretty interesting dialogue. We weren’t saying mother’s (or fathers) don’t deserve some sort of maternity leave, we were just saying, maybe…just maybe…this author had a valid point, and there should be something built into the system for people who choose not to have children.

So what do you think? Check out the podcast and listen to the conversation, then leave your comments below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m back from maternity leave…LOL!

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