Thursday’s Conversation


On Thursday’s show we opened our phone lines to have a calm, peaceful, adult discussion about what the City of Lakeland should do with the Confederate statue in Munn Park. It all started because of an article in Ledger reported Commissioner Jim Malless has called for an open discussion on the issue. It was really great to have so many calls from people with strong opinions on both side of the issue without any name calling or hate speech. I’m posting a link to the article in the Ledger here as well as a link to our Clip of the Day from Thursday’s show. If you have time, please read and listen. I’d love to hear anything you have to add on the issue. And a HUGE thanks to everyone who called in to the show this morning. It’s important that we talk about these things openly and try to come to a peaceful solution so we can avoid violent incidents like the ones taking place around the country in recent news.


Here’s a link to the article in The Ledger.




And the link to the Clip of the Day.

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