Could we go undefeated?


The Chicago Cubs started off the 2016 Major League Baseball Season with a shut out win over the California Angles.  We are starting the season off with a win!  What are the chances of the Chicago Cubs (or ANY MLB team) going UNDEFEATED?  Over the length of the a 162 season the chances seem rather slim don’t they?

Well the Chicago Cubs do own the best winning percentage of any team in the 100+ year seasons of MLB, of 76.3%.  Fairly remarkable for a team that hasn’t won a World Series since 1908!  The current modern day record winning percentage is held by the 2001 Seattle Mariners at 71.6%.

So what are the odds of one team, be it the Cubs or anyone else, going undefeated for the entire 162 game season?  Approximately .0000000000036%… So barring some sort of corruption or every team contracting the flu at the same time, the chances are rather long!

I think you and I would be better off to buy a lottery ticket!

And that’s my take!

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