Do you remember this guy?

Since beginning this trip down the path of music knowledge I began thinking about my early radio career. There are several songs that take me back to my first airshifts (7P – 10P, Mondays on 88Rock – my college station).  So for my next lesson I choose a song I’ve always been a fan of…

Artist: Gary Wright

Album: The Right Place

Year: 1981

Song: Really Want to Know You

 Gary Wright started his entertainment career at a young age.  He was a child actor, appearing in several commercials, television shows and even on Broadway in the hit musical Fanny.  When he got older he felt acting was “un-stable”… (not sure if that was him talking or the fact he wasn’t a cute kid any more and the gigs dried up! LOL)… so he left the industry and attended college where he studied medicine.

He got the opportunity to move to the UK and continue his studies.  It was there where Gary Wright joined a musical group called Spooky Tooth.  He was the groups principal song writer and lead the way two a few albums including 2 that received high praise; Spooky Two (1969) and You Broke My Heart so I Broke Your Jaw (1973).  Can you imagine a group producing an album by that name now a days?  Simply put, no. LOL

As a session musician and his skill on the keyboards, he started to get the attention of some industry giants.  The likes of George Harrison, B. B. King, Ringo Starr, Jerry Lee Lewis and Harry Nilsson all had Wright perform on various projects.

After bouncing from project to project, in 1975 he signed with Warner Bros. Records as a solo act and his first album Dream Weaver was born.  The album did well reaching #7 on the Billboard Album Charts and the title cut reached #2 on Billboards Hot 100.  The follow up single, Love is Alive, also reached #2.

Gary Wrights last chart success was in 1981.  Though the album “The Right Place” only reached #79, the single “Really Wanna Know You” had some modest success reaching #16 on the Billboards Hot 100.

As you take a listen to the song, try to imagine a young, nervous, wide-eyed, mid-western boy named Eric Michaels… sitting behind a radio station control board for the first time… thinking to himself, “Oh man… this is so cool”!

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