Why isn’t there a holiday for the Pioneer’s?

comic_011We just got done celebrating Memorial Day… a day in which we honor those brave Men and Woman who lost their lives to protect us!  I am sincerely thankful for our fallen hero’s along with all veterans and members of the armed forces (along with Emergency Service personnel) who do a job I couldn’t and I feel that with all of the “made up” holidays, we definitely need a Memorial Day.  With all of this being said, I offer the following…

A week ago I left the radio station after work.  I was in a decent mood.  It was Thursday, we had had a good show, the weekend was around the corner and I was heading home!  What more could you ask for?  The sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm and the humidity was lower because of a recent storm system.  As I turned to head south on Hwy 98 I thought I’d flip on the AC as it was getting a little warm in my car.  My car with BLACK LEATHER INTERIOR.  (Who in their right mind would buy a car in FLORIDA with BLACK LEATHER INTERIOR??? (with both thumbs pointing towards my chest) THIS GUY that’s who! I digress…) I turn on my AC… it the cool air starts blowing and then… silence.

thermometer-clip-art-3“What’s this”, I say in startled disarray, “why is it so quiet here in my car?” as sweat begins to build on my forehead.  I hit a couple of buttons on the AC… nothing.  I then push the fan speed thingie higher… nothing.  Sweat is beginning to roll… windows coming down… and as I sit at the traffic light at 98 and Edgewood, I start hitting every button and switch associated with my AC and still… nothing.

In the interest of keeping my blog “Hall Communications” “Family Friendly”, the next few words out of my mouth will not be printed, however I did exclaim my frustration as I realized my AC (one of the most expensive parts of your car) is out!

fanHours without my AC turned into days and now unfortunately week(s)… (I say weeks because as I write this I’m waiting on a call from the mechanic, hopefully with news about my part that we need!)… with no AC in the car.  This got me wondering… How did the pioneers of our country, do it?

These people, with wool pants and cotton shirts… long skirts and dresses… no electricity… ice… deodorant… running water… NOTHING!!! HOW DID THEY SURVIVE?  Do this… take the comforter off your bed… wrapped it around you… walk outside any afternoon in July and walk around and mow all of the grass at Lake Parker.  THEN, when evening comes handcarts.03and there is zero wind, try to sleep… with the bugs, humidity and stagnate air.  Your body sweating like your sauna.  The sheets sticking to you. No comfort, no relief, no bueno!  But yet, THAT’S WHAT THESE PEOPLE DID!!!! We have grown so soft, this great nation of ours.  Oh trust me, I’m as “First World” as any selfie taking teenager… I mean I panic when the “Hot Now” light goes out at Krispy Kreme.  But after a week(s) of no AC in my car, I truly believe our founding fathers… the brave men and woman of Florida and the United States… are hero’s. They fought off attacks, lawlessness, wild animals, sickness, heat, bugs, stinky arm pits for us!  Don’t they deserve a National Holiday? I say, “WOO YAY”!!!!GopherYayDance.gif~c200

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