Jim Gaffigan: One of the Greats!

We got to talk to Jim Gaffigan this morning on our podcast. I have to admit I was a little starstruck. Not only is he arguably one of the best comedians in the biz right now, but before we were married, my wife bought us tickets to his show at the Hard Rock in Orlando as a birthday present. It was an amazing night. We laughed till we cried, and he closed the show out like a rock star playing an old favorite by doing his Hot Pocket bit. You know you’ve reached a whole new level of comedy fame when people are excited to hear you tell a joke they’ve already heard a million times. Just uttering the phrase “Hot Pocket”, Jim had the entire theater roaring with cheers and applause in anticipation of the last few minutes of his set. I say Jim is arguably one of the best comedians in the biz for two reasons: He works clean, and he gets a laugh every 8-10 seconds.

Working clean is one of the hardest things to do as a comedian. Especially in today’s world where everyone is so desensitized to everything. It seems to me nothing is off limits anymore. Comedians like Amy Schumer, Jim Norton and Jeff Ross are very dirty and people love them for it. Plus, it’s really easy to “go blue” when you first start out. I know I did, and still do sometimes. For me it’s just who I am. Cursing is in my vernacular, off the air of course, and my mind goes to dark places sometimes and I always find something humorous there. I do well not to go TOO dark, to the point of offending, but to say I “work clean” would be an outright lie. I’ll leave that to comics like Jim Gaffigan.

I’m posting a clip of one of Jim’s older sets here for you to enjoy. If you don’t believe me about him getting a laugh every 8-10 seconds, watch this clip. Then watch it again while watching the timer at the bottom of the screen. He’s a genius at it. Nearly every line gets a laugh, and it’s non stop for over an hour at every show, which by the way is a NEW hour of material for each tour. To me, this is what REALLY makes him the best. The goal for comics is to get a laugh every 20-30 seconds, and Jim Gaffigan CRUSHES that goal. Watch!


If you’d like to get more information on Jim Gaffigan performing right here in Florida, click here. You can also try out his new JimBot available on Messenger. Just search for Jim Gaffigan and try to send him a message. It’s a fun AI that will interact with you and of course, sell you tickets. LOL

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