Lake Hollingsworth… is it “worth” it?


Just the other day I was driving around Lake Hollingsworth here in Lakeland.  The traffic, bikers, joggers, mommy/baby walkers, dog lovers, fishing folks, ducks, Florida Southerners, all vying for space… all attempting to cross the street.  Then it came to me… an idea that I feel could solve many of the issues.  Create the entire Lake Hollingsworth Dr. into a Roundabout!

Imagine:  Traffic on LHD would rotate around the lake in a clockwise direction. Every left hand turn being easily accomplished with no waiting. The only RIGHT hand turn would be into the Yacht Club and that would at the traffic light at Cleveland Heights Blvd.

Additionally, if Eric was King for a day and could make these changes, I would convert the current both lanes of traffic into one oversized for auto traffic and use the remaining room of the old road, to be used by bikers and skaters, leaving the existing sidewalk for joggers and walkers.

Think about how much easier it would be to cross the street?  You only have to worry about traffic in one direction… It would be safer to walkers, bikers and most importantly, DUCKS to cross.

Of course this is only only boys lowly opinion.

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