Is Maternity Leave Fair to People With No Kids?

Eric and I totally ruffled some feathers this morning discussing a book “Meternity” by author, Meghann Foye, where she says that people without kids should get maternity leave to. Which begs the question: Is maternity leave fair to people without kids?

At first I was totally like WTH, but after thinking about it…how many times have you had to cover for someone at work, carrying a double a workload, while they were away on maternity leave? Or have you been chosen to stay late because so-and-so has to take little Johnny to a Dr.’s appointment? Is that really fair to you?

We tried to take a neutral stance on the subject, but it’s hard not to choose a side when you really think about it. Giving birth to a child is hard on the body and the mind. It takes time to not only heal but also to adjust to being the parent of a new born child, especially if this is your first go at it. On the other hand, why should your co-workers have to suffer or take on extra work, because you chose to have children, or failed to properly plan for the care of your child?

This one’s a toughy. In the end, I think everyone got the wrong idea about what we were trying to say, which made for some pretty interesting dialogue. We weren’t saying mother’s (or fathers) don’t deserve some sort of maternity leave, we were just saying, maybe…just maybe…this author had a valid point, and there should be something built into the system for people who choose not to have children.

So what do you think? Check out the podcast and listen to the conversation, then leave your comments below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m back from maternity leave…LOL!

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