Clip of the Day: Name that Tomb!

Baron Von Casket lets Igor tell some jokes to the ghosts of the underworld in today’s Clip of the Day! 

Sheriff Grady Judd – April 19th, 2023

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd calls in to talk about “Things You Ought Not Do”, including a local parent who went ham at her child’s school. 

Clip of the Day: Show me your Regina!

Have you heard of the city of Regina? (Rhymes with…ahem…well, you know) Well, the tourism board in capitol city of Saskatchewan, Canada is under fire for some “risqué” tourism slogans. Hear them all in today’s Clip of the Day! 

Clip of the Day: TikTok Voicemails

Mike deleted his TikTok app because of the controversy around it being a “spy app”. Within the hour he received three suspicious voicemails…