ERIC’S BLOG – Reconnecting with Mom and Dad one more time

If you’ve listened to the Big Max Morning Show for any length of time, you know that I’m older (I turn 53 on 9/14) and have a wide array of music taste and knowledge.  Do in part because radio has been my career and partly because of my family.

I am the youngest of 5 kids.  I was born very late in the mix.  Mother was 35 and Dad was 45 when I was born.  It was the mid-60’s… Mom and Dad would have cocktail parties and social gatherings.  We would head to the Elk’s Club once in a while for dinner and they’d enjoy some dancing, while I squirmed in my chair wanting to go home.  Not complaining mind you, because… well… kids just didn’t do that back then… we knew better! LOL  None the less, I was exposed to a ton of different varies of music.

My sisters loved Herman Hermits, Dusty Springfield and Lulu.  My brothers were more of the Beatles, Jefferson Airplane and Doors.  Mom loved Perry Como, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra and Dad… Dad love Johnny Mathis! I was exposed to all of it.

In the early 80’s a solo female artist burst onto the American music scene and set records along the way.  Her smooth, soulful voice and funky rhythms took me back to the crooners my parents loved.  A style of music lost in the 80’s during the new wave and second British Invasion.  Her name; Helen Folasade Adu… or more commonly known as, Sade!

After a brief stint as a fashion designer and model, she began singing back up for a group named Pride.  Record labels quickly noticed her, not only for her looks but also she voice.  Epic Records signed her up and she, along with a few band mates from Pride, broke off to form their own group.

Surprisingly, Sade has only produced 6 albums, but ALL of them have gone at least GOLD!  They have sold over 50 Million copies to date and won 3 Grammy’s.

Sade is best known for hits like Smooth Operator, The Sweetest Taboo and No Ordinary Love (which is very sexy though the lyrics aren’t “happy”) but my favorite by far is Paradise!  It appeared on the studio album Stronger than Pride (1988) and peaked at #1 on the RnB Charts, #17 on Hot 100.

Her most recent tour was in 2011 and unfortunately I missed it!  Do you have a “Must See in Concert Bucket List”?  I do…and she’s on it! It’ll be a great way to reconnect with Mom and Dad.

Artist: Sade

Album: Stronger than Pride

Year: 1988

Song: Paradise

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