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The After Show, Show: Joe Mantegna


Joe Mantegna joins the podcast today to talk about the newest episodes of “Criminal Minds”! Hear this fantastic interview in today’s podcast! Plus, Eric and Mike are brainstorming ways to promote the new Alexa Skill “Enable Max 98.3”!

The After Show, Show: Owing Money


If someone offers to buy you something, but didn’t realize how expensive it was, do you owe them the difference of what they EXPECTED to pay? Join the conversation in today’s podcast!

The After Show, Show: Head Cheese


What’s the weirdest meat dish you’ve ever eaten? Listen to today’s podcast for a veritable smorgasbord of weird eats! Click the link to listen now or subscribe on iTunes!

The After Show, Show: Small Fingers


Would you rather have a male or female doctor to handle all of your more intimate medical needs? Does it matter? Join the conversation in today’s After Show, Show! You can listen right now by clicking the link OR listen later by subscribing on iTunes, Google Play or Stitcher! And we’re now available on TuneIn radio! Check it out!

The After Show, Show: Love Stinks


What is something that you use to enjoy, but can’t stand anymore because it reminds you of an ex? Eric’s got a few, and Mike…well, he’s a heartless SOB. Hear the conversation in today’s podcast! Follow the link to listen now, or listen anytime by subscribing to “The After Show, Show with Eric and Mike” on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher!

The After Show, Show: Gamer Changer

Coffe Maker

What recent purchase have you made for under $100 that was a total life changer? For Mike, it was a programmable coffee maker. Join the discussion in today’s podcast! You can listen to the full episode by following the link below, and access this and past episodes by subscribing on iTunes!

The After Show, Show: You Nasty!


Alright ladies, fess up! How often do you take shower? Join the debate in today’s podcast! Follow the link to listen now, or you can subscribe on iTunes and listen later!

The After Show, Show: Tamlynn Yoder


Meet Tamlynn Yoder, the woman who was fired from her job at Outback Steakhouse for complaining on social media about getting stiffed on a $735 carry-out order. Hear her side of the story in today’s podcast! Listen live with the link below, or subscribe on iTunes today!

The After Show, Show: Logo Lunatics

E&M Logo 5

Eric and Mike are working on a new logo for the morning show! Hear some of the suggestions in today’s podcast! Click the link below to listen now or subscribe on iTunes!

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