Tag: Clip of the Day

Clip of the Day: Cokey the Bear

Elizabeth Banks is making a new horror-comedy about the true story of a black bear who ate $15m dollars worth of cocaine! Eric and Mike discuss this potentially hilarious new film in today’s Clip of the Day!

Clip of the Day: National Anthem Debate

On Thursday’s show, Eric and Mike discussed the Dallas Maverick’s choosing to NOT perform the National Anthem before their home games. Hear the entire conversation, plus un-aired calls, in today’s Clip of the Day!

Clip of the Day: The Love Letter

Mike woke up to a heartfelt “Love Letter” from his girlfriend this morning. He would like to share it with you in the hopes that you too find that special someone this Christmas!

Clip of the Day: Thanksgiving Jeopardy!

On today’s Quizzacle, Mike hosts a Thanksgiving themed Jeopardy! for Eric. Does Eric take home the prize, or does he fail miserably? Listen to today’s Clip of the Day to find out!

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