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The After Show, Show: Episode 230


Is Mila Kunis going to be the next celebrity to be fired from an endorsement gig for her comments about planned parenthood? Join the conversation in today’s After Show, Show! Plus, a brand new game may be coming to the podcast, and guess what…it STINKS!

The After Show, Show: Episode 188


Are you one of those lucky people who can fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow, or do you toss and turn for hours before finally nodding off? Join the conversation in today’s After Show, Show! Plus, more British Royal Family Factoids, and why you should never enter an argument about sports with Nick! HINT: He knows more than you…or at least Mike. LOL

The After Show, Show: Episode 175


Is Auto-Drafting a “no-no” in your fantasy league? Mike won last year’s office fantasy football league, and he finally gets his rightfully deserved trophy in today’s podcast, BUT it comes with an asterisk! Plus, is college football superior to the NFL? Hear the full story in the After Show, Show!

The After Show, Show! Episode 19

Final Ass Logo

In today’s After Show, Show: a new study says that 48% of men shave their legs! Is that true? Do women find this attractive? Plus, raising children today is so much different than it used to be. Take from Melissa! Who? Find out in today’s episode!

Podcast: “Minor Criminals”

Fleeing Burglar
Fleeing Burglar


What minor crimes have you committed in your lifetime? Switching price tags and leaving with a 12 pack of soda on the bottom of shopping cart are just a few crimes these hardened criminals have pulled off! Check out today’s podcast to hear more “crimes of the century”! Plus, “Name that Tomb” and “Fantasy Football” with Bill Alcock!

Podcast: “Death Star Bottom!”


What do you call a band of rebels set on destroying the Death Star that is Kim Kardashian’s rear end? Find out in today’s Podcast! Plus, whatever happened to the spending power of cash, “Hannah’s Bad Impressions”, and Bill Alcock joins the show to talk about the recent controversial news surrounding his bar!

Podcast: “What’s a Spork?”


Which do you prefer, the spoon or the fork? Wait till you hear what Hashtag Hannah uses! Plus, Fantasy Football with Bill Alcock, and Hannah’s “Bad Impressions”!

Podcast: “Aaargh!”


In today’s world, is it still important the wife takes the husband’s last name in marriage? Eric and Mike discuss this, and Eric has some sage advice for Mike. Plus, it’s International Talk Like a Pirate Day and Mike make’s sure no one forgets it!

Podcast: “Childhood Movies Messed Me Up!”


What movie totally messed you up as a child? Eric and Mike found a new survey that lists the top ten, and they share their memories along with Hashtag Hannah. Plus, Bill Alcock from Winners Circle Sportsbar drops in to talk Fantasy Football, and “Hannah’s Bad Impressions!”

Podcast: “Dysfunctional Family Valuables”

Eric has some serious family issues that require attention! Help Eric figure out what to do about this, PLUS, “Name That Tune” and “5 Things You Need to Know for Monday”.

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