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Clip of the Day: Name that Tomb

Join Baron Von Casket and his I.T. specialist, iGore, every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6:20am for “Name that Tomb!” Correctly identify the dead body and you’ll win!

Podcast: “Rude Trick-or-Treaters”


Eric had an interesting Halloween (to say the least). Find out why he called a coworker and his cohorts “rude trick-or-treaters” in today’s Podcast! Plus, “Name that Tomb”!

Podcast: “Minor Criminals”

Fleeing Burglar
Fleeing Burglar


What minor crimes have you committed in your lifetime? Switching price tags and leaving with a 12 pack of soda on the bottom of shopping cart are just a few crimes these hardened criminals have pulled off! Check out today’s podcast to hear more “crimes of the century”! Plus, “Name that Tomb” and “Fantasy Football” with Bill Alcock!

Podcast: “PC Barbie”


Toy companies are making a big push to be more inclusive in their products. Is this something that’s really necessary? Eric and Mike tackle this politically incorrect topic in today’s podcast! Plus, “Name that Tomb” and ” Nerd is the Word” with Jim Mosier!

Podcast: “Tainted Candy”


Do you still check your kids Halloween candy before letting them eat it? Some new information might mean you’re wasting your time! Details in today’s Podcast! Plus, “Name that Tomb” and “Secret Code Word!”

Podcast: “Hannah’s Big Announcement”


Hannah makes a HUGE announcement on today’s show! PLUS, “Name that Tomb” and “Hannah’s Bad Impressions!”

Podcast: “Lost and Found”


What’s the longest you’ve ever lost something, and then suddenly found it? Hear some interesting stories in today’s podcast! Plus, “Name that Tomb” and “Hannah’s Bad Impressions!”

Podcast: “Anthony’s Interview”


Anthony the intern went out on his own to do an interview with local citizens about a pressing issue in our community! See how he did in today’s podcast! Plus, “Name That Tomb” and “Nerd is the Word!”

Podcast: “It’s Mike’s Birthday!”


Mike has a VERY different way of celebrating his birthday on the air, and it drives Eric all the way up a wall in today’s HILARIOUS episode! Plus, people are pretty upset over Disney’s newest Halloween costume, listen to find out why, and another awesome edition of “Name That Tomb!”

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